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A Very Steampunk Birthday Weekend

Miss Kitty Sews has a very steampunk birthday weekend. Turning 30!

 My birthday was this past week, and to celebrate I took some friends to spend the weekend in Port Townsend. That weekend just so happened to be the same weekend as a steampunk event, so I thought we could be sneaky and wear some steampunk outfits around town. We had some great fun checking out a couple of bars, and then going on a ghost tour of Uptown Port Townsend. The night ended with a huge cake brought by Reggi Rose, and some Cards Against Humanity. This was a great birthday, and I was so glad that everyone had a good time.

Afternoon Tea to Celebrate Reggi's Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of our one and only Reggi Rose! To celebrate we went to Seattle for afternoon tea at Cederberg Tea House. It was a lovely way to honor Reggi's thirtieth year.

Unfortunately we only had Reggi for a couple of hours since she is in the middle of moving houses and couldn't spend the whole day out shopping. :(  We still had fun though, like always! After the jump we will go into a review of the Cederberg Tea House in the Queen Anne area of Seattle, and share some great photos of the birthday girl!

East Coast Swing Dancing!

Some of the ladies and I went to an East Coast Swing dance social! The first half an hour is spent learning the basic steps. Then there is live music and dancing afterward. We had so much fun! The dance studio is called EastSide Stomp in Redmond, WA. Entrance fee was $12, but includes the beginner lesson before the dance. My dance partner was the always amazing Rachel, while Sarah brought her husband along. They used to go swing dancing all the time when they first met, but Rachel and I were dance newbies.

Viva Las Vegas #20 | Car Show Madness!

Hi dolls and gents,

 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend (VLV) was THE experience of 2017! It was the 20th anniversary of VLV, and it was AMAZING!

This post focuses on the car show portion of VLV. Not many know, but I love, love, love classic cars! My all-time favorite is the 1939 Delahaye Type 365 Cabriolet. Alas, that beauty was not at the VLV car show; in fact, I have yet to see her in-person. The cars that were at VLV were amazing, beautiful, interesting, unique, and so-well loved/maintained! And, there were HUNDREDS of them!!! I hope you enjoy what you're about to see below in this continuation of our VLV series.

Reggi next to the official VLV classic car (thanks for the pic, Tom!).

Miss Ruby's Beauty School | Marilyn Waves (Easy)

This past April, I had the pleasure of attending Miss Ruby's Beauty School. This post is a continuation of series of hairstyles Miss Rockabilly Ruby taught during her class.

This post focuses on her version of the iconic Marilyn Look. It's the easiest of the three looks she taught; definitely something that people with shorter hair can pull off daily!

Miss Kitty Sews goes to a Supernatural Convention

The ladies go to a Supernatural Convention in Seattle! This was billed as the last ever convention to be held in Seattle, so we decided it would worth a go before they leave. (They decided to come back next year!) We ladies have been watching the show Supernatural obsessively over the past year and were so excited to go see the show's creators and actors in person. Being the kind of crazy fans that we are, most of us decided to go in costume. After the jump you can see some snippets of Miss Kitty Sews' costume making and some snapshots from the convention!

Las Vegas Vacation | The Magic Mike Show

The Magic Mike Show... mmm...
The "cash" that we got to shower the dancers with. (Provided by the show, as real cash was not allowed.)

Miss Ruby's Beauty School | Pageboy

Early this month, I attended Miss Ruby's Beauty School. Miss Rockabilly Ruby taught me how to create three looks: the wave (aka mermaid hair), the pageboy, and the Marilyn. This post focuses on her beautiful version of the pageboy look.