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Miss Kitty Sews goes to a Supernatural Convention

The ladies go to a Supernatural Convention in Seattle! This was billed as the last ever convention to be held in Seattle, so we decided it would worth a go before they leave. (They decided to come back next year!) We ladies have been watching the show Supernatural obsessively over the past year and were so excited to go see the show's creators and actors in person. Being the kind of crazy fans that we are, most of us decided to go in costume. After the jump you can see some snippets of Miss Kitty Sews' costume making and some snapshots from the convention!

Las Vegas Vacation | The Magic Mike Show

The Magic Mike Show... mmm...
The "cash" that we got to shower the dancers with. (Provided by the show, as real cash was not allowed.)

Miss Ruby's Beauty School | Pageboy

Early this month, I attended Miss Ruby's Beauty School. Miss Rockabilly Ruby taught me how to create three looks: the wave (aka mermaid hair), the pageboy, and the Marilyn. This post focuses on her beautiful version of the pageboy look.

Miss Ruby's Beauty School Graduates!

That's right, Ladies and Gents.... Reggi graduated from Miss Ruby's Beauty School!
Miss Rockabilly Ruby and Reggi Rosé

First Impressions | Anastasia Beverly Hills' Glow Kit

Confession time: I'm a little addicted to highlighters. I won't go full-face-crazy with highlighter (well, maybe every so often). But, I do have an arsenal of highlighters and love to use 'em. After reading and watching a lot of mixed reviews and hype about Anastasia Beverly Hills' Glow Kit, I finally caved and got one for myself. OMG... why didn't I buy this earlier!?!? 

Sew-Along | Swimsuit Cover / Poolside Dress, Part 1

The sewing-bug bit a few days ago... now, I'm elbows-deep in beautiful flamingo print fabric, creating a 1950's style poolside dress for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend #20!

Front and center! A gorgeous flamingo swimsuit!

Viva Las Vegas #20 | Preparations

Hi dolls and gents,

We are SO EXCITED for our first Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend (VLV) experience! It's the 20th anniversary of VLV; it's gonna be a big one!

In preparation for this event, Miss Kitty and I wanted to ensure that we would have everything we'd need to look great, have fun, and be safe. We'll be in Las Vegas for nearly a week. I thought this would be a great opportunity to continue our VLV series by sharing how I'm preparing for VLV#20 with you.

Reggi and Miss Kitty

Date-Day | Ladies with Drinks

Hi there,

This past weekend, the ladies convened to drink. Haha, well, to hangout and catch up. But, yes, there were definitely drinks to be had as well. We tried a new place, The NYP Bar and Grill, and were very pleased with the fabulous service, delicious food, yummy drinks, and great prices (happy hour there is phenomenal)!

The NYP Raspberry Drop... so yummy and pretty!