On the road... Vintage Fun on the Washington Peninsula

Recently, we traveled to the peninsula in Washington State. It was a beautifully scenic trip with many fun stops, vintage shops, and a quirky museum! We left feeling refreshed and inspired! This is definitely an area all vintage / history enthusiasts should venture to!

Kelly Art Deco Light Museum

Outside the museum. Quite the structure!

Antique car outside of the museum.

A few amazing chandeliers and sconces from the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum. This is just a sampling of our favorite ones; there are sooooo many more to view at the museum!

Look at that craftsmanship!!

All we can say is.... SEAHORSES!!!

Beautiful light casting!

The coolest bathroom sink EVER! Color, detail, just everything about it!

Yep, that's a goose faucet with goose neck/head handles.... !!!

Miss Kitty and Reggi

An exquisite fountain just outside the museum!

Miss Kitty at the original main entrance of the museum.
Top: Peasant Top in Baby Pink from Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt: handmade by Miss Kitty!
Shoes: Dansko

Reggi at the main entrance of the museum (this is actually closed, the new "main entrance" is the side entrance).
Dress: Lindy Bop Clothing
Leggings: generic black leggings from Zulily
Shoes: Lifestride 

Port Gamble

WE WANT THIS HOUSE! Gorgeous Victorian style house in Port Gamble, WA.

So much detail... and it's just one side of the house!

Gorgeous entry way!

Such unique steps leading up to the Victorian house!

Port Townsend
Friendly deer in the front yard!

They weren't afraid of our car.

I've never seen so many Victoria style homes and buildings before... simply breathtaking!
Victorian home going through an update. This is one of the few we walked past with an iron-wrought gated entrance.

It's for sale, folks!!

Port Townsend's antique mall... it's A LOT bigger than it appears from the front.

Image result for port townsend post office
Amazing staircase in the Port Townsend Post Office.
Image result for port townsend post office
I mean.... that's just beautiful!
Image result for port townsend post office
Main entrance of the Post Office in Port Townsend, WA

Nifty Fifty's Diner in Port Townsend, WA

So adorable! This place had great old fashioned sodas, love the Purple Cow!
This is definitely a place we'll be traveling to again! There are so many other tourist sites and shops to visit there!

Miss Kitty & Reggi

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