Luke's Diner (Gilmore Girls' Revival Campaign)

Yep, we just spent two hours in line in the rain to stand next to this sign.....
LUKE'S DINER!!!!!!!!!

Netflix is releasing a miniseries extension of Gilmore Girls called "Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life"... and it might be the best thing to hit TV in 2016!

Miss Kitty and I grew up watching Gilmore Girls and rediscovered our love for it a couple years ago thanks to Netflix. Needless to say, we freaked out when news of a revival was released!

Across the nation, hundreds of cafes were turned into Luke's Diner for one day to promote the revival (airing on November 25th!). We were lucky enough to be near a cafe that was a part of that promotion.

After two long hours of waiting in line in the rain, we made it in the cafe!!

The special drip coffees (for free)!

The not-so-secret SnapChat code hidden by the sleeve.

The prize SnapChat filter when a picture is taken of the code (via SnapChat's camera). Oh, yeah, that's me making a weird pose because why not. (Reggi)
So, the SnapChat filter definitely wasn't worth waiting two long hours in the rain for. But, the whole time we were waiting in line we got to meet awesome people and talk loads about Gilmore Girls and what we think might happen. That (plus the free cup of joe) was worth the wait.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life on Netflix airing on November 25th!!

Miss Kitty and Reggi

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