Cherry Dollface's Beauty Class

This past June, Miss Kitty and I had the absolute pleasure of attending Cherry Dollface's Vintage Hair and Makeup Class at Hot Rod Heidi's Vintage Closet! It was amazing and we couldn't be more grateful to Cherry and Heidi for this event!

Miss Kitty and I learned quite a bit at Cherry's class! More than I expected; we watch so many YouTube videos, read so many books and articles, and follow so many Vintage babes that we thought we knew our fair share about vintage beauty and hair... but, seeing it live put it all into a new perspective! Plus, Cherry is just amazing... her humor and wit made the whole event that much more amazing!

We're sharing our notes and pics from the event with you, our lovely readers, in hopes that we can spread the Cherry wisdom across the interwebs! 

Our first stop in Everett?  ...Starbucks, of course! Like true Seattleites, we arrived early to ensure we could grab a cup of joe and a snack before the big event.
The cutest cookie EVER, from Starbucks!

Miss Kitty and Reggi, just before the class.

Miss Kitty wearing:
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan:City Chic

Reggi wearing:
Hat: Vintage hat found in Snohomish
Dress: Lindy Bop
Cardigan: Lindy Bop
Hair: first attempt at a Dita Bun... I have too much hair, lol!
Reggi and Miss Kitty just before the start of the class.... we're so excited!
Despite being early, we headed to Hot Rod Heidi's Vintage Closet right after Starbucks. Luckily, the store was open and guests were welcome to sit and hangout with Cherry while she prepped her models and her station!! We were able to chit-chat with Heidi and Cherry; both women are darling, friendly, and just plain fun!
Hot Rod Heidi just before the start of the class. Isn't she just a babe!?
Cherry Dollface prepping her model's hair with pin curls. Just look at the skirt that she's wearing!! GORGEOUS!
Class started with introductions and the agenda. There was a packed house! Well, a packed store! From what I could see, all the ladies were ready with pen and paper eager to capture all the tips and tricks that Cherry could teach them; Miss Kitty and I were no exceptions!

Here are the notes that we captured during the class:

  • Makeup:
    • Always set your concealer with powder
    • How to create "3D brows": add a line under your brow that is one shade darker than your brow color! This will make your brows appear more lifted and fuller.
    • To easily get the perfect cat-eye eyeliner wing, draw the top line first and then simply fill in to the eyelashes. (Makes so much sense when we heard this! We don't know why we never thought of this to begin with!!)
    • False eyelashes
      • cut down the false eyelashes to size
      • bend those to loosen/make those more pliable
      • apply from the outer lash in
        • don't apply the false eyelashes starting on the inner corner. This makes you look more doll-like and fake.
      • glue the false lashes to your lid and NOT your lashline
        • you risk pulling out your real lashes if you glue the false one to the lashline
    • For the best lipstick application:
      • gently scrub your lips with a lip scrub
      • apply balm/chapstick and pat excess off with a tissue
      • line the full lip with lip liner and let set (a minute or so)
      • apply lipstick
      • place 1-ply tissue over your lips and gently dust on translucent powder to set your lipstick
      • make an "O" with your lips and suck your thumb out (hope that makes sense!)
        • doing this will get any excess lipstick off that would otherwise be on your teeth.
      • for an even longer wear, apply multiple layers of lip liner before applying lipstick.
  • Hair:
    • Teasing hair:
      • Spread apart tease sections
      • Marry (join together) teased hair sections and use pomade to smooth out
      • Use a soft-bristled brush to smooth out the outside portions of the teased sections; do not comb out your tease.
    • When you need to use hairspray during your hair creation but are not fully done, use a "working" hairspray that allows for pliability; use a "finishing" hairspray when your done to freeze everything in place. (Helmet hair!)
    • Cherry recommended using duck-bill clips with rubber guards so as to prevent creases in your hair (see pic below of the pink duck-bill guard).

Now, for the pictures!

Cherry Dollface while applying Bomber Betty's Brow Wow and Brow Pomade.

Cherry Dollface applying the top line of eyeliner; using The Balm Schwing Eyeliner.

After the top eyeliner line is drawn, before she filled it in to the lash line.

Cherry Dollface applying lip liner.

After finger-combing through the model's pin-curled hair, Cherry sectioned off the crown and started teasing.

Ta da!! Doesn't she look fabulous!

That tease has some height!

Bangs/Swoosh complete!

Cherry's recommended duck-bill clips with rubber guard.

Gorgeous hair! Now, to try and replicate this on myself...

Cherry, working some curls and victory rolls on her model, aka Heidi's sister!

So pretty and fluffy!!

Yep, not only did I meet her, but I also took a picture with her.... squeeeeeeeeeeee! (Fangirl moment!)
If you're ever able to go to Cherry's class, do yourself a huge favor and go! You won't regret it!

I hope you found our notes and pics helpful, fun, and useful! Until next time, lovelies!

Reggi Rose

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