ColorRun 2016- Tacoma

This past August, Lauren and I participated in the ColorRun in Tacoma! We finished it and surpassed our expectations... we didn't even have to stop for a break!

Despite the slightly off smell (aka, Tacoma Aroma), it was a beautiful day for a jog/fast walk! There were many spots throughout the 5k with interesting and beautiful graffiti art... here are a few shots.

Alice in Wonderland themed graffiti!

Reggi posing next to some grim twins!

So grumpy...

Miss Kitty, Reggi, and Rachel near the end of the 5K.

The "We Did It!" pose!
Success! Us just past the finish line.
We're super excited for the next ColorRun! Maybe this time around, we'll jog/run the whole thing! (lol, probably not though....)

Miss Kitty and Reggi

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