Fabulous Finds | Allegheny Hearth- Opulent Merino Wool Powder Puff

The mother of all powder puffs! I finally have an "Opulent Merino Wool Powder Puff" from Allegheny Hearth!
Opulent Merino Wool Powder Puff

I'm very particular (some would say picky) with my facial puffs... I just couldn't find one that I really liked. From Laura Mercier to Sephora brand to rabbit fur puffs from China, nothing really gave me that finish while also hitting the "cute-factor" to me. I yearned for a puff that I could proudly display on my vanity while also giving me a flawless application when used. Enter, Allegheny Hearth...

I discovered Allegheny Hearth while on Pinterest (like many things). At first, it was just the image of a beautiful and extremely fluffy puff that grabbed my attention. After visiting Bonnie's storefront (the soapsmith who also hand-makes these puffs), I knew I finally found the puff for me!

I placed an order for a puff and powder set; within days, it was at my doorstep.

Very cute display window!

The fluffiest puff I have ever seen! 

Extremely well made; solid structure/handle and delightful to hold. Plus, it's extremely soft!

The powder I selected with the set. It has a very subtle, non-irritating scent that is quite lovely! If you're a fan of lavender, you'll enjoy this scent. She also offers unscented powder.

So in love with this set!!

I highly recommend these puffs! If you want a glamorous puff that also applies powder well, check out Bonnie's site, Allegheny Hearth! She also offers handmade soaps and other bath luxuries... quite the beautifully visual array of products!

If you have any of her puffs or products, what do you think???


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