High Tea at Queen Mary's Tea Room | Seattle, WA

This past weekend, a few dear friends of mine and I went to Queen Mary's Tea Room for high tea.... it was a royal experience!
The Ladies at Queen Mary Tea Room
This was the first high tea experience that Miss Kitty and I had... needless to say, we're hooked! Not only was the service friendly, the tea exquisite, and the food delicious, the ambiance was perfect! I felt like I was in a slightly modernized scene straight from a Jane Austen Novel! Grant it, we were dressed in Victorian garb for the event following high tea (post on that to follow soon); it was still an amazing experience!

Queen Mary Tea Room is a wonder to be had... 

"The oldest independent tea room in America and is featured in Bruce Richardson’s book, The Great Tea Rooms of America. Richardson says, “If you want to feel like a Queen, this is the place to go.”  CNN Travel listed Queen Mary’s as one of the five great American tea rooms. " - Queen Mary Tea Room

We enjoyed the "Afternoon Tea".... feast your eyes:

Almond Cream Black Tea

First Course | Palette Cleanser: Mango, Cranberry, and Blueberry Sorbets and a teapot-shaped Queen Mum's Shortbread cookie

The sorbets were delightful.... but one could kill for the shortbread cookie. It was AMAZING! 
The full tower of treats! So pretty, and oh-so delicious!
Iced gingerbread
English buttermilk crumpet
Cranberry orange scone
Thumbprint jam cookie
Chocolate peppermint brownie
Assorted fresh fruit

Sweet potato soup
Wild rice filled phyllo tart
Q.M. smoked salmon mousse on rye
English cucumber and mint tea sandwich
Chicken almond mustard butter tea sandwich
Tomato, basil chèvre quiche
Wild rice phyllo tart
Pork sausage roll

Served with whipped cream, butter, jam and marmalade.

One of the ladies ordered a lunch instead... and it looked quite stunning! Check out the initials burned onto the sandwich!

One of the tea goodies I took home with me... that Almond Cream tea is a joy!

If you're ever in Seattle or it's metro, I highly recommend that you have tea at Queen Mary's Tea Room! It's an experience, in every sense of the word!


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