Miss Kitty and Reggi See Scott Bradlee's Post-Modern Jukebox

Recently, Miss Kitty and I went to Scott Bradley's Postmodern Jukebox show in Seattle... and it was utterly brilliant!
The sheer amount of talent that every performer has in this group is mind-boggling! The re-imaginations of classics and hits was astounding, the performers were quirky and lovely, and... there was a tap dancer! A real, amazing, seems-to-good-to-be-true tap dancer!!

Here are a few pics from our night out:

Reggi and Miss Kitty outside The Paramount Theater.
Reggi and Miss Kitty inside The Paramount Theater.

Not the best shot.... but this theater is absolutely beautiful and very well maintained!

Great view of the whole stage from a seat near the back... it seems like every seat in the theater had a good view! Definitely worth the money!

We definitely recommend this show! It's worth every penny and every minute!


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