Miss Kitty Sews and The Magical World of Harry Potter

Vacation! I love Harry Potter, and even more I love Harry Potter World in Universal Studios Orlando. Even though it is usually pretty crowded, this time around I never waited more than thirty minutes to do any rides. (Thankfully for my feet) Our last trip we only did one day at Universal, so this trip we decided to do two days and I'm really glad we did. The first day was entirely Harry Potter. I dressed up in my Hufflepuff finest, including a jumper dress I made for the trip. I got a lot of Hufflepuff love!

(My Hufflepuff outfit! I also have a matching hair bow, but I didn't want to lose it on the rides)
Top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Dress: Jumper Dress using this tutorial 

Day two was everything that wasn't Harry Potter, thankfully, as it poured rain the entire day and I would have been so sad if I couldn't enjoy Harry Potter World fully. So this day we went on the Jurassic Park river ride about six times as we were already wet so why not! Even though it was raining I still had a lot of fun exploring the rest of Universal and loved The Mummy ride so much! We went on it four times in a row. A few of the rides were closed due to the rain, which bummed out the boyfriend a little bit. But it was overall still a really fun day, and we ate lunch at The Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Emporium which is a really Steampunk themed restaurant. We split a pretzel burger and an enormous milkshake. The entire place was decorated with iron pipes and steampunk light fixtures, and all of the chocolate. We didn't buy any chocolate so I can't say if it was any good, but it all looked good.

Me after getting rained on all day. Celebrate with a giant milkshake!
I had an amazing time in Universal and cannot wait to go back, even in the rain! In the near future I will post a sew along for a jumper dress using the great tutorial from Elewa. 
- Miss Kitty Sews

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