Miss Kitty Sews goes to Disney World!

I wouldn't say that I am a Disney fanatic, more of a DisneyWorld fanatic. Even though this was only my second time going, I am in love with this place. There is so much to see and do, it never feels repetitive. My first trip I went with the boyfriend and another friend of ours. This friend is much more physically fit than us and while that trip was fun, it was exhausting keeping up with her. So this trip the boyfriend and I decided to be way more relaxed and not pack our day full.

For our trip we decided to go the first week of December, because we have heard that it was less crowded, less hot, and best of all there was Christmas decorations! I love Christmas, and the thought of Christmas in Disney was too exciting to pass up.

We had about a year of planning for this trip, and lazy me never went walking to get used to it like I always say I will. So about two months before the trip I started walking in the morning because I was newly unemployed and had the time. Unfortunately for me I developed plantar fasciitis from not being active enough. So my feet really hurt, not good when going to DisneyWorld. I had invested in some Dankso walking shoes and Ascis running shoes for this trip to help my feet from getting too fatigued. I also had to tape the bottom of my feet around my heel to help with the plantar fasciitis. I tried not to let this get me down though, and tried my best to do everything that we wanted on our trip. Our day was basically go on a ride, go sit for ten minutes, repeat. I made it through, and still had a ton of fun!

We splurged on tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, and it was a lot of fun. There was shows everywhere, hot chocolate and cookies available for free, and the best part was being able to stay in Magic Kingdom late to go on more rides with short lines. The fireworks show at the end of the night was mind blowing, I don't think I'll ever need to see another fireworks show. It was almost 360 degrees of fireworks, so incredible.

(Aurora's Castle all lit up for Christmas)

(We only went into one resort to for the California Grill, so this is the only gingerbread display we saw. It was so adorable! Next time I'll make sure to see all the resorts)

Snow at the Very Merry Mickey Christmas Party! It was really pretty.

I wore quite a few of my Pinup Girl Clothing pieces on this trip, and received so many compliments. I wore my witch transformation skirt one day, and while in line for the Haunted Mansion a little girl in front of us was crying and stopped at the sight of my skirt. She was transfixed! Oh the power of PUG!
The Witch Transformation skirt!

I wore two curly buns hair pieces for Minnie Mouse buns!
Top: Tatyana
Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Me at Japan in Epcot World Showcase. One of our favorites to sit and relax for a bit. 
And of course spend all of our money on cute things in the gift shop.

Drinking my favorite Mai Tai drink at the California Grill, where I also had bone marrow for the first time. It was surprisingly good!

Let me know your favorite things to do in Disney World, so my next trip will be even more amazing!
-Miss Kitty Sews

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