Reggi's Fabric Haul

Don't you just love coming home to a box from!!

After a recent itch to start new sewing projects, I went on the hunt for fabric. I found these beauties and just couldn't stop thinking about the cute things these could become... So... to my house these went!

Michael Miller's Argyle Me in Graphite
What the fabric looks like in-person.
This lovely argyle will become a retro pencil skirt... I'm debating between a front split detail or a back lower bow detail.

Michael Miller's Into The Deep Mermaid Scales in Periwinkle
What the fabric looks like in-person.
 I'm in love with most things mermaid! My craft room/office is a pink and gold mermaid- themed haven! With this fabric, I plan to make a high-waisted, mermaid, dove-tailed skirt. It'll be an endeavor for me, as I've never combined mermaid style and dove-tail style... hopefully, I bought enough fabric! If there is any left, I want to make a skirt for my daughter too.

Michael Miller's Jug or Not Retro Chain Reaction in Vanilla
What the fabric looks like in-person.
 Oddly enough, when I saw this print, I immediately thought of a full circle skirt and matching bolero. Depending on how full I end up making the skirt, I may just make a matching dickey.

Michael Miller's Regatta Single Border Marine

What the fabric looks like in-person.
This lovely fabric will become a dress with a sleeveless, wrap top with a full skirt. If there is any fabric left, I'm going to make a matching capelet with a stiff collar.

Michael Miller's Veranda Songbirds in Orchid

What the fabric looks like in-person.
This fabric will become a matching mother-daughter skirt set. Mine will be a simple pencil skirt with button detailing curving up the side (maybe in the back); her's will be a full skirt with a matching button embellishment.

Robert Kaufman's Bouffants & Broken Hearts Metallic Lipstick in Red
What the fabric looks like in-person.
I simply adore this pattern! You can't tell from the pics, but the gold color actually has a metallic finish! Miss Kitty introduced it to me, and I had to have some of my own. I'm trying to think of office-appropriate items I could make with it... I may use this as the peek-a-boo fabric for a simple black peplum skirt with this fabric as the underside of the peplum. Or, a black pencil skirt with this fabric as a fishtail back. Maybe a long-sleeved matching red top, similar to Pinup Girl Boutique's Malia top, with this fabric as the underside of the cuffs. Then, for something a bit more fun, maybe a pair of high-waisted jumper-shorts to wear at Viva (read my latest post on VLV #20)!

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress of these projects... I foresee a few sew-alongs posts!

Let me know your suggestions for these fabrics! My ideas aren't set in stone until I start cutting!


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