Date-Day | Ladies' Day Out- Photo Shoot

Hi Lovelies,

Miss Kitty and I spent an entire day with some amazing ladies this past weekend... we had a photo shoot, explored parts of Bremerton, discovered Saboteur Bakery, and had a grand time together!

Our silly attempt at a selfie.

Gems from a grand date-day with the ladies:

Dress | eshakti
Brooch and Earings | Vintage
Fascinator | SK Hat Shop

Reggi and Sarah
Sarah wearing:
Dress | Collectif Clothing
Necklace | Colored Pearls
Hat | black beret

Miss Kitty
Skirt | Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan | Pinup Girl Clothing
Hat | Vintage
Brooch |Vintage
Shoes | Dansko

I was pretty proud of my bang swoop that day.

"I'm gonna cut ya" eyes...

Plain crazy eyes! (That's my customer service face.)

Show off those tattoos!

I always knew Reggi had it out for me!

"Model Hands"

One of my favorite photos of the day.

Rachel, photographer extraordinaire!
(Co-photographer! Hehe)

Another one my favorites! Rachel has a great smile!

I think this perfectly sums up our relationship!

A wonderful photo story of my moods.

See, she has friends!

Pictures at the ferry dock was a great way to end the day. We all looked so gorgeous in the grey Washington skyline. So if you're ever bored, just grab a few gals, a camera, some coffee, and go take silly photos! We had so much fun!

Miss Kitty and Reggi

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