Date-Day | WWE Smackdown

The hubs and I went to SMACKDOWN LIVE!! And it was amazing....

Reggi and her partner-in-crime.
It's unexpected, or so I've been told... but, yes, I am a WWE fan. My hubs and I both are! We watch Raw and Smackdown every week, and most paperview events... needless to say, we subscribe to the WWE Network.

Recently, WWE Smackdown had a live show at the Key Arena in Seattle. We HAD to go! We decided to make a date day of it and went out for coffee and an early dinner. 

The Handsome Hubs

First in line!!

WWE's "social media" guy taking pics and vids.

Dolph Ziggler pummeling Kalisto with a chair!

Tag Team: Rhyno and Heath Slater

Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel Bryan in his home state!

I really do love Neville's new character... he makes a perfect bad guy!

There's a rumor out that WWE is bringing a paperview event to Seattle in September... the hubs and I are keeping our fingers crossed that they do!

Are you a WWE fan? If so, who's your favorite??


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