Makeover | Rachel

Our Viva hair practice continues on the gorgeous Rachel. We used the same curl pattern as Sarah, but tried out a few variations to suit her style. 

The beautiful Rachel.

Rachel wanted to try an Elizabeth Taylor look. So, she had a naked face as I curled her hair. (I don't believe I've ever seen Sarah without makeup on!)

Here she is with the first brush out and finished makeup, which she did a great job on!

I was able to get a little wave in her hair, but I had misplaced my comb and clips so I wasn't confident in getting more waves. 

The beautiful Rachel giving us her best glamour hair pose. 
We decided to add a few fun flowers to match her dress to make the look more finished.

We also brushed the curls out to make the look more fun. Rachel said she looked exactly like her grandma. That's a compliment around here I think! To give her hair more bounce we brushed out some of the spray and scrunched the curl back up all through her hair. We added a hair scarf tied into a bow. She ended up a little Shirley Temple, but who wouldn't want that?! She is clearly having a great time with her pinup makeover.

-Miss Kitty Sews

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