Makeover | Sarah

With Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend coming up, Reggi and I decided we needed to practice our pinup hair techniques so we don't embarrass ourselves! We invited a couple of victims- I mean friends- over to practice on.

First up, we have the lovely Sarah. Her hair is very thick but pliable, and is great for pincurls. 

The beautiful Sarah.
 I curled her hair in sections, starting at the bottom working my way up. 

 I used a 1/2 inch barrel curling iron, which makes for a nice tight curl but with all her hair it took forever to get through all of it!
I set it in a downward pattern, with the front bangs going to the side. 
I let all the curls cool completely, and then starting from the bottom took out the clips. I gently teased the roots of each curl, and teased it into the neighboring section to keep all the curl together.  (Please don't look at the disaster of my sewing room in the background!)

I then used the trusty Denman brush to brush out the curls. Just keep brushing until the curls begin to wave together and look how you want them to. 

Sarah's bangs are not layered so I created a pin curl on the side to add some interest and pinned into place. And of course adding layers and layers of hairspray to keep it all in place.
Her hair is so bouncy!


-Miss Kitty Sews

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