Viva Las Vegas #20 | Preparations

Hi dolls and gents,

We are SO EXCITED for our first Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend (VLV) experience! It's the 20th anniversary of VLV; it's gonna be a big one!

In preparation for this event, Miss Kitty and I wanted to ensure that we would have everything we'd need to look great, have fun, and be safe. We'll be in Las Vegas for nearly a week. I thought this would be a great opportunity to continue our VLV series by sharing how I'm preparing for VLV#20 with you.

Reggi and Miss Kitty
After watching quite a few YouTubers' suggestions on what to do to prepare for VLV, I found that creating a detailed packing list and schedule worked best for me. The first thing I did was review the VLV#20 Schedule and mark the events that I absolutely need to attend. Here's what I have so far, though this will be changing:

Then, I created a "schedule of outfits" in which I detailed what outfits I'm planning to wear during the day, the night, and for lounging during each day that I'm there. I used Microsoft Excel to create this. My outfit schedule gets as detailed as what kind of jewelry I plan to wear with the outfit, the hair style and makeup look I plan to create, etc; though, it is not as detailed as indicating brands, facial or hair tools needed, etc. I based my outfits partly on what I want to wear at VLV events. For instance, I want to go to the pool party on Sunday and plan to be there for most of the late morning/early afternoon; for that event, I will wear a pool-side tie-dress with sandals. This is what my outfit schedule looks like so far:

Once my outfit schedule was underway, I started working on my packing list. This list is broken out into categories: To Do, Need, Toiletries, Electronics, Makeup, Meds/FirstAid, Shoes, Clothes, Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Misc/Extras. I used Microsoft Excel to create this list (each category is it's own column in the table). I tried to be as detailed as possible so as not to miss anything. Each item is listed separately; this makes the list very long, but it's worth it to know I haven't missed anything! The most important category to me is "Need"; I use this column to list items that I need to purchase when I'm in Las Vegas... this category saves space in my luggage! For instance, I can get water bottles, sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, etc, when I'm in Las Vegas. By doing that, I'll save precious room in my luggage for other items that I can't purchase while there (like my fancy vintage dresses and purses). This is what my packing list looks like so far:

If you're going with friends or will be sharing a room while there, I highly recommend creating a list or column of shared items. This will save you even more space and money (potentially). If you do this, make sure to clarify who will be bringing what to share.

The next step is to pack. I haven't done this part yet, as it's too early to pack. Expect another post in April explaining and showing how I pack my luggage... I'll share my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your luggage!

Do you want me to make a video showing how I pack, and even going over my lists? 

I hope you found this post helpful! Planning for VLV is a lot of work, but it is so much fun and gets me more and more excited for it!


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