Las Vegas Vacation | The Magic Mike Show

The Magic Mike Show... mmm...
The "cash" that we got to shower the dancers with. (Provided by the show, as real cash was not allowed.)

Yep, we went to The Magic Mike Show at Club Dominica in Las Vegas... and it was quite impressive! And not only in the most obvious ways, but also in the sheer strength, dance skills, and choreography of the performers. Plus, the story-line (yes, an actual story-line) was hilarious and very clever!

Ladies and Gents, if you get the opportunity to witness this amazing show, TAKE IT!

Reggi, Miss Kitty, and Sarah

Reggi, Miss Kitty, and Sarah... showing off our weird faces.

Sarah didn't get the "stank face" memo.

Duck face... kissy face... both! Go!
The lovely Sarah.

Reggi and Sarah

Miss Kitty, Reggi, and Sarah

A few of The Magic Mike performers.

And, here are a  few clips of The Magic Mike Show. You're welcome.

Many cheers,
Reggi and Miss Kitty

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