Miss Kitty Sews goes to a Supernatural Convention

The ladies go to a Supernatural Convention in Seattle! This was billed as the last ever convention to be held in Seattle, so we decided it would worth a go before they leave. (They decided to come back next year!) We ladies have been watching the show Supernatural obsessively over the past year and were so excited to go see the show's creators and actors in person. Being the kind of crazy fans that we are, most of us decided to go in costume. After the jump you can see some snippets of Miss Kitty Sews' costume making and some snapshots from the convention!

We decided a bit late to go to the Supernatural Convention so they only day that was still available was Saturday. This convention is three days, with different special guest speakers each day. Saturday was a little less busy, with the main event being Misha Collins Q&A at five pm. This convention happened to be the weekend before we left for VIVA20, so I was fine with only going on one day.

I can't go to any sort of convention or event without a costume, and this convention would be no different. If you've never really seen the show the costuming is mostly jeans and plaid flannel, so not much to work with, we had to get creative. I decided to cosplay as Dean Winchester, one of the main characters, but my creative brain would not let me get away with jeans and a plaid shirt. I need something more fun/complicated. I settled on doing a more wood fairy version of Dean with a big tulle skirt and floral crown.

Miss Kitty Sews as Dean, Rachel as Sam, and Sarah as Castiel 

Miss Kitty Sews and Reggi Rose (Can you tell I'm sick?)

Rachel is Sam Winchester wood fairie, and made a beautiful flower crown with 'Moose' horns

Here is a better look at my floral crown, with a little squirrel. Also a great example of my excited for coffee face!

Here is Sarah during the Costume Contest, she was beat out by a Castiel with flowy wings. (I demand a recount!)

 Costume time! I did a really simple layered tulle skirt. I had two colors of tulle, six yards each, sandwiched them together at the fold and gathered. I cheated and did a simple gather on my machine by setting a long stitch length and setting the tension higher. Then I made a simple waistband out of decorative elastic and stitched on the tulle while stretching the waistband. Easy! 

Here is Albert cat helping me attach the tulle to the waistband. He's so crafty. 
Here is a closer look at the machine gathered tulle

All Finished!

Another mandatory inspection by Kitten

The convention itself was fun, but I was getting more and more feverish as the day went on. I only made it through two panels and a quick walk through the merchandise tables. I never made it to last panel with Misha Collins. :(  Sarah was able to make it through the whole day and even paid for a photograph with Misha Collins, who plays Castiel! I would go again when not sick, and maybe do the whole weekend. But this convention was pretty pricey to go to, so only plan on going if you're a huge fan of the show. (Or if you will take any excuse to make a costume, like me!)

The lovely Sarah as Castiel giving some love to Misha!

-Miss Kitty Sews

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