Miss Ruby's Beauty School Graduates!

That's right, Ladies and Gents.... Reggi graduated from Miss Ruby's Beauty School!
Miss Rockabilly Ruby and Reggi Rosé
Location: Derby Salon in Seattle, WA

Earlier this month, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Miss Ruby's Beauty School in Seattle! It was an amazing experience in which I learned how to create three very elegant hairstyles. Miss Ruby is such a beautiful person; she was super sweet, accommodating, patient, and simply pleasant to be around. She answered every question posed, both about the class and other topics; she gave me a few pointers about VIVA too! The hair models were also very friendly; they even let us come up and touch their hair once their style was complete! (Note, the wavy/mermaid hair is like a helmet!)

Unfortunately, Miss Kitty was unable to attend due to a very bad fever. Our friend Sarah attended in her place.

Below are a few pics and video clips of the class. I'll be posting on each hairstyle separately so as to go fully in-depth with pics and videos of what I learned (doing so in this post would make it wayyyyyyyyy too long).

Miss Rockabilly Ruby and the beautiful Sarah
The Marilyn Look (easy)

The Pageboy Look

The Wave Look (aka Mermaid Hair)

Reggi and Sarah
The Goody Bag to top all goody bags... THANK YOU, Miss Rockabilly Ruby!

More information about Miss Rockabilly Ruby and her beauty school:
I highly recommend going to Miss Ruby's Beauty School if you get the chance! It was an amazing class and 100% worth every cent paid! (Honestly, the worth of all the products you get in the goody bag comes to nearly the cost of the ticket (per price of each Kenra item I found on Amazon)! No joke!) I came out of Miss Ruby's class feeling confident about recreating these looks on myself and my friends! Plus, this was the class the Sunday before VIVA20!

So many thanks to the wonderful, beautiful, amazing Miss Rockabilly Ruby for her amazing Beauty School!!

Stay tuned for detailed posts on each of these looks!


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