Miss Ruby's Beauty School | Marilyn Waves (Easy)

This past April, I had the pleasure of attending Miss Ruby's Beauty School. This post is a continuation of series of hairstyles Miss Rockabilly Ruby taught during her class.

This post focuses on her version of the iconic Marilyn Look. It's the easiest of the three looks she taught; definitely something that people with shorter hair can pull off daily!

Below are pics and a video snipit of how to create this look. This is by no means as detailed or as easily understood as attending Miss Ruby's class, but it should give you an idea of how it's done. Luckily, with this hairstyle, only a few photos should do the trick to get you there.

Miss Rockabilly Ruby started with her hair model's hair set in pin curls, using a 3/4" curling iron. 

Once the pincurls were set (completely cool), she removed the clips. Once removed, she rubbed some hair wax in her hands and ran her hands through her model's hair. Then, Miss Rockabilly Ruby went through and separated her model's curls where more volume was needed. Throughout this process, she used a working hairspray to hold the hair in place.

She proceeded to the bang portion. First, Miss Rockabilly Ruby backcombed her model's bangs. Then, she molded the bangs into a barrel wave/curl. She used working hairspray to hold the curl in place.

When the overall look was to her liking, she used a freezing/finishing hairspray to finish the look. 

This hairstyle is all about the "unconstructed" look. It's easy, beautiful, iconic! Unfortunately, for me, my hair is too long to pull this look off. This look is best done on girls with neck/shoulder length hair or shorter. It definitely had me tempted to chop my long hair off...

More information about Miss Rockabilly Ruby and her beauty school:
Have you tried this look or a similar one? How'd it turn out? Do you love it?


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