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Early this month, I attended Miss Ruby's Beauty School. Miss Rockabilly Ruby taught me how to create three looks: the wave (aka mermaid hair), the pageboy, and the Marilyn. This post focuses on her beautiful version of the pageboy look.

The Pageboy look is a classic pinup style that Miss Rockabilly Ruby adores, stating it to be her favorite hairstyle on herself. And, rightfully so... it is a stunningly gorgeous look!

Below are pics and a few video snipits of how to create this look. This is by no means as detailed or as easily understood as attending Miss Ruby's class, but it should give you an idea of how it's done.

Miss Ruby explaining how she curls and pins the hair for this look. She used Hot Tools' 1 1/2" barrel curling iron for this.

Miss Ruby, mid-pinning.

After finishing the curls/pins, Miss Ruby started to unpin and brushes out the curls in the back of the head, working from the bottom to the top. The curls are completely cooled before she unpins.

This is a side view of the models hair post-unpinning the back.

The next step is create your very own "rat's nest" at the base of your head. This will act as a place to anchor your bobby pins and hair pins into. Start by sectioning off the bottom back junk of your hair, just below the ears.

Clip the hair above out of the way. Start back-combing the bottom section to create your "rat's nest".

Use a working hairspray to keep your "rat's nest" in place and stiff.

Next, unclip your hair and start to gently smooth it over your "rat's nest". Notice the indent your hair makes when it starts to lay over your "rat's nest".

At this point, you're going to make a "ninja chop" position with your hand where that indent is and emphasize that indent. 

Start to pin sections of your hair into the underside of your "rat's nest". Ensure to continue to make the "ninja chop" position with your hand on the indent to emphasize it... you don't want to pull the hair to tight while pinning it to your "rat's nest", which would get rid of that indent. Ensure to use working hairspray throughout the process!

Place a steel clip to hold your hair back and spray. This will help you with the next step.

With the remaining hair that can't easily be pinned to your "rat's nest", create a pin curl and pin it in place. This will hide that part of your "rat's nest" while also still looking very cute. Spray in place.


To really emphasize the indent (which gives that classic pageboy look), place steel clips along the indent of your hair. Use working hairspray.

Now, to work on the front. Start by teasing small sections, ensuring to marry the teased sections. Miss Ruby likes to use powder to add texture to hair and allow for a better/stronger tease; see the video below.

Once your bang area is teased, move on to the side. Start by brushing your curls toward your face. Pin part of it under your "rat's nest" to hide it. Then, brush out the remaining side hair to get a uniform roll down from your cheekbones (ish) to where you pinned into your "rat's nest". Spray. Also, notice how the back of the hair is set with steel clips (in the reflection of the mirror).

Fold your bangs over and place a steel clip at the height you want before your bang rolls over (personal choice). Spray. Then, while holding onto/supporting your bangs at the clip, brush out the rest of your bangs to form a wave. Spray.

Once your front is set, return to the back. Smooth out the hair to your liking (no fly-aways), and spray with setting/freeze hairspray.  Once that hairspray is dry, remove the steel clips. Use a rat-tail comb or smoothing brush to gently smooth out the indents made by the clips. Spray again with setting/freeze hairspray.

Remove the steel clip from your bangs and use a rat-tail comb or smoothing brush to smooth out any indent that might be there. Then, spray your entire head with setting/freeze hairspray.

I can't say enough just how happy I am that Miss Ruby came to Seattle to hold her Beauty School class... it was AMAZING! If you get the chance to attend one, do yourself the enormous favor and go!

More information about Miss Rockabilly Ruby and her beauty school:
Have you created the Pageboy look before? What were your thoughts on the process?


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