Viva Las Vegas #20 | Car Show Madness!

Hi dolls and gents,

 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend (VLV) was THE experience of 2017! It was the 20th anniversary of VLV, and it was AMAZING!

This post focuses on the car show portion of VLV. Not many know, but I love, love, love classic cars! My all-time favorite is the 1939 Delahaye Type 365 Cabriolet. Alas, that beauty was not at the VLV car show; in fact, I have yet to see her in-person. The cars that were at VLV were amazing, beautiful, interesting, unique, and so-well loved/maintained! And, there were HUNDREDS of them!!! I hope you enjoy what you're about to see below in this continuation of our VLV series.

Reggi next to the official VLV classic car (thanks for the pic, Tom!).

Miss Kitty

Glitter for DAYSSSSSSSS!

... starfish detail...

So cool.

Mermaid/underwater theme!

I hope you enjoyed these classic beauties as much as I did! Expect even more pics of classic cars from next year's VIVA #21!!



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