A Very Steampunk Birthday Weekend

Miss Kitty Sews has a very steampunk birthday weekend. Turning 30!

 My birthday was this past week, and to celebrate I took some friends to spend the weekend in Port Townsend. That weekend just so happened to be the same weekend as a steampunk event, so I thought we could be sneaky and wear some steampunk outfits around town. We had some great fun checking out a couple of bars, and then going on a ghost tour of Uptown Port Townsend. The night ended with a huge cake brought by Reggi Rose, and some Cards Against Humanity. This was a great birthday, and I was so glad that everyone had a good time.

Eight of us in the van that holds seven, shhh don't tell.

Port Townsend is about an hour and a half away from where we live. It is an adorable historic town, with a sordid past as we later found out. We love going up there to go antiquing and checking out the little shops and historical homes. It’s a wonderful town to just walk around the neighborhoods checking out the houses, and all of the deer wondering around!

We stayed in Fort Warden, which is an old military base that is now a park and they rent out the old officer’s houses. The house itself was a little musty and the typical creaks of an old house, but we room for all eight of us and a full kitchen. The views of the park and water from the front porch of the house were beautiful! I would recommend staying here if you visit Port Townsend just for the peaceful views and beach access close by. After settling into the house, the ladies dressed up in our steampunk best to hit the town. You can see my blog post about making my costume. 

View from the front porch

The foyer, I liked the old stairs.

A view of what the houses look like from across the lawn.

All dressed up we went to downtown Port Townsend to enjoy some drinks. We went to a couple of bars, our favorite being Sirens which has an awesome outdoor deck and delicious drinks. I got white sangria which was dangerously good. Our next stop was pizza at the Tin Brick! This place had some really good wood-fired pizza. The salad was not to my liking, but the pizza more than made up for it. We were a group of 8 and ordered enough pizza for probably twenty people. After dinner we walked out of there with four full boxes of leftover pizza! We figured we’d probably want a pizza snack after the ghost tour and cake. 

My finished skirt and petticoat! I loved all of the ruffles swooshing around my feet.

First bar stop, I got a drink called the Hemingway. It tasted like books.

Having a good time at Sirens.
A closer look at Reggi's costume. I love the snood/hat combo!

Salad before the pizza massacre.

After pizza we went back to the house to change for the ghost tour of Uptown. As much as I wanted to keep wearing the outfit, I knew we’d be walking and I didn’t want to be dragging my ruffles all over the streets and gravel. I am notoriously afraid of ghosts, and was a bit apprehensive about going on this tour. It ended up being a lovely walk around Uptown right before sunset, looking at the historic homes and sites. The stories told by the tour guide were really interesting stories about the town’s disreputable past, and some gruesome murder stories. It wasn’t really that scary, and I would love the chance to go again for the tour of Downtown, which is supposedly much grittier.
I am also notorious for my love of cake, and Reggi Rose brought me an enormous cake covered with flowers. It was gorgeous, but because of the custard filling in the center it didn’t quite make it through the hour and a half journey to Fort Warden. None of the pretty flowers on top were ruined though, so it was still beautiful. J 
Our tour guide telling us a tale of a shipwreck. Beautiful sunset in progress.

A very haunted house, which is also very pretty.

Walking up to the bell tower used by the fire department.

Just had to include this photo of the boyfriend! So handsome!

The next morning we decided to get breakfast at this little café called Sweet Laurette Café and Bistro. I ordered a Café Carmel which was absolutely delicious, not too sweet. I’m not a fan of strong, bitter coffee so it has to be a really good shot of espresso when it still tastes good to me when not drowned in a ton of milk and sugar. Amanda and Sarah ordered a Café au Lait which arrived in an actual bowl and not a cup! Which was fun watching them try to drink, Amanda wen the spoon route. For breakfast I ordered a Peach and Raspberry Dutch Baby, which I’ve never had before but will again, it was so good! Amanda and I split the dutch baby and the Croque Madame sandwich which was also really good. One of the better Croque Madame sandwiches I’ve had. Being stuffed to the brim with delicious food, we decided to walk around Uptown again and ogle at some houses before getting in the van again. 
My delicious Cafe Carmel! I'm still dreaming about it.

Amanda's actual bowl of coffee.

Walking around town after breakfast, in normal clothes (how boring!)

Someone had a driftwood swing on a tree by the sidewalk! Fun!

All in all it was a wonderful birthday weekend in Port Townsend. If you are ever in the area, or want to check some great haunted hotels, I highly suggest making the trip. It is well worth it. We all had a lot of fun and ate some great food. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that.

And now some extra pics from the weekend!

Trying to get a good angle of my hair

We're so cute!

All dressed up!

Any excuse to wear a costume.
The lovely Sarah looking great in stripes

Doesn't everyone wear a ballgown and necklace out in the afternoon?

If anyone has more events in the greater Seattle area that we can wear crazy costumes to, let me know!

~Miss Kitty Sews

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