Afternoon Tea to Celebrate Reggi's Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of our one and only Reggi Rose! To celebrate we went to Seattle for afternoon tea at Cederberg Tea House. It was a lovely way to honor Reggi's thirtieth year.

Unfortunately we only had Reggi for a couple of hours since she is in the middle of moving houses and couldn't spend the whole day out shopping. :(  We still had fun though, like always! After the jump we will go into a review of the Cederberg Tea House in the Queen Anne area of Seattle, and share some great photos of the birthday girl!

Reggi Rose turned 30! To celebrate she wanted to try a tea house in Seattle that we hadn't been to before. The Cederberg Tea House had great reviews on Yelp, so we decided to give it a try. We usually go to afternoon tea at the Queen Mary Tea House, but it is a little pricey so we wanted to try out different places.

The front lobby

My first impression of Cederberg wasn't great. The location is in on the bottom floor of a building across the lobby from a bank. Not a very romantic location for afternoon tea. The decorations inside also felt very sterile and generic. An effort was made with cute table cloths and mismatched tea cups, which was a little more promising.

After we were seated at our reserved table, we were sent up to the front counter to check out the tea selection. The tea selection was not as varied as the Queen Mary, but the quality was good. I chose the Vanilla Rooibos which I very much enjoyed. Reggi chose the ever classic Earl Grey tea, which she says was, "Very yummy!". The lovely Sarah went with Darjeeling which she described as, "Pleasant, if uninspiring."

Soon after our tea arrived at our table we were brought out our tower of afternoon tea food goodies. This is where Cederberg Tea House really shines! Our food selection was varied and incredibly delicious. The first tier featured Lemon Creme cookies and a warm cake soaked in butter toffee sauce (my favorite!). Second tier was mini scones served with vanilla whipped cream, strawberry jam, and shredded cheddar cheese, apricot jam tart with coconut meringue topping, and burnt cream pie with snicker-doodle crust (my second favorite). Third tier was the classic cucumber cream cheese sandwich, chicken curry walnut sandwich, spinach and Parmesan crisp puffs, sausage rolls, chicken and mushroom hand pies, and caramelized onion and Gouda quiche.

The food was amazingly good! Enough to make up for the lackluster decor and odd location. It was well worth the price for the amount of food and tea you get. I would love to go again!

Leave a comment with your favorite places to get Afternoon Tea! If you're in the greater Seattle area, we'd love to join you!

Bonus Pictures!

Sarah in the shared bank lobby
Sarah in her awesome red caplet she purchased at VIVA Las Vegas!
Reggi Rose looking so fabulous on her Birthday

Scone with jam, whipped cream, and cheese? Surprisingly good!

Posing in the oh so elegant parking garage.
Headed Home in the van.

~Miss Kitty Sews

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