East Coast Swing Dancing!

Some of the ladies and I went to an East Coast Swing dance social! The first half an hour is spent learning the basic steps. Then there is live music and dancing afterward. We had so much fun! The dance studio is called EastSide Stomp in Redmond, WA. Entrance fee was $12, but includes the beginner lesson before the dance. My dance partner was the always amazing Rachel, while Sarah brought her husband along. They used to go swing dancing all the time when they first met, but Rachel and I were dance newbies.

Rachel was able to pick it up a little faster than I did. I kept tripping up on the triple steps! During the social dance Sarah got ran over by someone and ended up tearing her stockings. -oh no!

There is nothing like dancing for the first time in a very long time to make you realize how out of shape you are. After the half hour practice and about two songs my legs were sore! I will not be defeated though! We are going to go back the next week and keep practicing. Maybe one day I will even be able to keep rhythm. ;)

Of course the best part of the night is getting Molly Moon's Ice Cream after!

~ Miss Kitty Sews

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