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Hi Dolls and Gents,

This past April, I had the pleasure of attending Miss Ruby's Beauty School. This post is a continuation of series of hairstyles Miss Rockabilly Ruby taught during her class.

This post focuses on her version of the Mermaid Hair/Wave Look. It's the most difficult of the three looks she taught; but, it is definitely a beautiful hair style worthy of  many attempts to master!

Look at those waves!!!

This post has the most pics and instructions in the series, as it is the most difficult hairstyle to do (of the three taught). Per Miss Ruby, "You can't do this one by yourself." So, make sure you're reviewing this post with a helpful friend if you're hoping to replicate Miss Ruby's mermaid/wave hairstyle.

Miss Rockabilly Ruby demonstrating the seriousness of the hairstyle about to be created. Haha! :)

Miss Ruby began with most of her hair model's hair already curled.

She left a section of her model's hair to show us how she curls hair for this look.

She used a 3/8" curling iron set at 450'F. Grabbing about an inch worth of hair, she wraps the hair around the curling iron barrel while twisting the hair. Curling hair like this allows for "the perfect spiral curl". Once curled, she sprays with a working hair spray and lets the curl fall (she does not clip the curl up/in place).

For the hair toward the front of the face (bangs area primarily), she uses a 1/2" curling iron.

Soooo curly! I love even just this look!

Once your curls have cooled, start brushing it out. This seemed like a scary process because as the model's hair was brushed out, it got puffier and puffier and puffier... but, in the words of Miss Ruby, "Just go for it!"

The model's facial expression perfectly sums up how I felt as I watched Miss Ruby brush out her curls...

Oh gosh, the scariest part of most of these fabulous hairstyles, the brushout/teasing!

Not gonna lie, I really enjoy this look as-is, though!

Once the hair is brushed out, Miss Ruby focused on the back of the head. She examine how the curls laid and, then, "karate-chopped" the obvious indents (waves) in the hair. Once her hand was "chopped" into the dent (wave), she raised that hand up a little to create a lift in the hair. This further defined the wave.
She repeated these steps down the rest of her hair.

She clipped the model's side hair back as she prepped to continue the "karate-chop" process there.

Post "karate-chop" process on that side of the model's head... so pretty!

Miss Ruby then blended the waves she defined on the side of the model's head with the waves on the back of the model's head. She continued to define those waves further.

The next focus was the model's front/bangs. She sectioned the hair there and began teasing it upward.

Remember to "marry your tease"!

Once all the teasing was done, Miss Ruby started to shape it.

You can see that began using the "karate-chop" method here once the top of the bangs was to her liking.

Clip placed at the height of the model's bangs for added support as Miss Ruby continued her "karate-chop" method and shape the front-side of the hair.

All the hairspray is necessary.... all the hairspray! Seriously, your goal is to make your hair a hair-helmet! Use that hairspray!

Miss Ruby used a blow-dryer on the sections of hair she just hairsprayed. This drys it faster and will speed up this part of the process quite a bit.

And don't forget to hairspray the under-part of your hair! You'll know that you used enough hairspray on the outer-side of your hair if you can lift it up like this (post blow-drying).

More hairspray for good measure. :)

The final touch Miss Ruby performed was pinning the models' hair back on the side, just behind her ear (using a bobby pin).

Isn't she just gorgeous!

This was my favorite look of Miss Ruby's class! I just adore mermaid hair/waved hair!

More information about Miss Rockabilly Ruby and her beauty school:
Have you tried this look or a similar one? How'd it turn out? Do you love it?


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