Pin-up Bowling Night!

Hello Lovelies!

Reggi and I wanted to plan an event that would introduce our selves to more ladies and gents in the pinup/vintage community around the greater Seattle area. So, we decided to do a bowling night at Kenmore Lanes. Though we weren't able to meet new folks this time around, we still had a blast with our core group of friends! 

We arrived pretty early to secure some lanes. We heard that getting lanes can get competitive during the 9pm unlimited bowling time. But, about half of the lanes were still open at 9pm! Reggi, her husband, and I had dinner at the alley bar restaurant, and it was surprisingly good! Just don’t expect anything healthy... ;)

At 9 pm, still mostly empty. 

Proof we had fun! And showing off my sunburn. 

Reggi's husband, our bowling champion.

Showing off some crazy moves!

The lovely Sarah arrived!

Reggi and I being goofs, taking pictures of each other taking pictures.

Ladies in action!

Reggi has her own special pink ball, so jealous! 

More fun!

Reggi got her nails done the same morning... One game in, a nail broke off!

Oh, no! A broken nail!

So, even though we didn't get to meet any new people in the retro/vintage community, we still had a blast with the usual gang. We're planning more meetups! Be on the lookout for Facebook invites from us! Maybe a pool party next....

If you want to meet up with us and go shopping or get tea, feel free to comment or message us!

~ Miss Kitty Sews

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